Soul Song

By Shawna Bennett

Long ago when the first humans began to inhabit the earth, the first fae was created. Born of the earth, the fae’s purpose was to teach and assist man.

The fae soon became disenchanted by the brutality of man and left the human realm. Now they must return their youngest child to live among humankind once again.

Sawyer was created to be the perfect soul mate and to save the human realm. She must form a friendship with four men, because one among them is destined to become her soul mate. She must learn to control her vast powers, some of which are still unknown to her.

Sawyer waits, constantly feeling the pull of her soul mate, but unexpectedly begins to feel the pull of her own heart. Can she learn to control her powers in a world where she exists only in myth and fairy tales? Can she learn to control her own heart? Will she choose between the duty she was created for or her own heart? She must decide quickly because the night of her soul song is almost here.